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Health and Wellness Begins At Home

Moretta Community Development Foundation and our SYSTER Project Network are proud community partners supporting the 2020 Census.  "My Community Counts"outreach campaign raises awareness to help groups and the families they love know about this important decennial effort.  The next 10 years of community wellness and economic development funding proportions depends on a complete and accurate count. 

Numbers and math might not be your thing, but dollars and cents funding matters for businesses, schools, classrooms, hospitals, bridges, roads, public safety, homelessness prevention and a host of programs that effect the place we call home.  Sign up for our free FUN newsletter alerts to learn more, prepare, get involved, and become a member today.  

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Moretta Community Development Foundation and SYSTER Project has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for under-served children and families in need.  Part of our global family, find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through a donation, volunteer service or the treasure of your time.


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