Self-Sufficiency Through Training, Education and Resources.

SYSTER PROJECT is a comprehensive community based program designed to reduce barriers to access, expand positive human potential by bridging training and technology resource gaps and meeting the unmet needs of the underserved, low-income, disadvantaged minority children, young people and women from areas of high poverty.

This definition includes: 

  • Disadvantaged children, young adults and women within areas of high poverty
  • Victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, harassment and stalking
  • Reentry, returning citizens and formerly non-violent incarcerated persons
  • Reentry, returning military veteran servicewomen 
  • High school dropouts
  • Unemployed women
  • At-risk youth and teens
  • Transitional age youth

SYSTER Project moves people in a dignified manner from pathways to poverty by connecting them to pathways of educational resources, learning and scholarship opportunities, job training, skill and competency certifications, job placement, internship opportunities, career advancement, safe, decent, affordable housing and entrepreneurship opportunities.

SYSTER Project  supports local communities, helps create jobs, builds capacity, expands technology connectivity, promotes diversity, inclusion and economic growth and advances housing equity and economic empowerment on behalf of the needs of low-income, underserved young people and vulnerable communities.

SYSTER Project  responds to the complex needs of underserved children, young people, women and their families through supportive services and comprehensive community collaborations from the nonprofit community, businesses, private and public sectors. Transitional - centered strategies help remove artificial and actual access barriers to educational excellence, employability, entrepreneurship and creates pathways to self-sufficiency, economic empowerment and overall community health, wellness and well-being for all.